Saudi Partner Services

in KSA


If you're interested in investing in business activities exclusive to Saudi nationals

or lack the funds to establish your own company in Saudi Arabia

You've come to the right place. With Motaded as your reliable partner, you can easily invest in these activities or set up your company.

Why should choose Motaded as your trusted partner ?

  • Extensive experience in areas such as administration, consulting, finance, and various other fields over the course of many years.
  • Powerful experience in the Saudi market.
  • Strong experience in the investments path in Saudi Arabia.
  • Provide you with the essential cultural insights.
  • Help in creating significant connections with influential corporations.
  • Provide consultations legally , financially and administratively.
  • Provide coworking services like office spaces, workstations and meeting rooms

Our Head Office

  • Motaded - Riyadh
    FDA2646 Building No. 2646, Ext. 7180
    Al-Shuhada District, Postal Code 13241, Riyadh.
    The second branch: Al-Thumama Specialist Road,
    Al-Narjis neighborhood
Clients Area