About Motaded

Motaded is a Saudi-based company that offers comprehensive services for business set up in Saudi Arabia. Our focus is on supporting companies in investing in Saudi Arabia with Our expertise team who are dedicated to provide clients with the necessary advice, guidance, and consultation across many aspects.

Why Motaded?

Top ranking in KSA

Because Motaded Company is the Ministry of Investment's go-to partner for business set up in KSA , we offer services that are hassle- and time-free by working hard to eliminate any obstacles in the way of setting up your business in Saudi Arabia.

Team of experts

With years of experience, deep local insights, and a passion for fostering global business connections, we provide smooth and effective services to obtain a license in Saudi Arabia.

Comprehensive services

Motaded provides a range of services, from post-establishment support and assistance with Saudi business setup to consultations and guidance for investment in Saudi Arabia.

Up to date

Our expert team is well-versed in the steps and requirements in Saudi business setup. We stay current on market trends and laws, allowing us to provide you with accurate and up-to-date guidance at all times.

Our Head Office

  • Motaded - Riyadh
    FDA2646 Building No. 2646, Ext. 7180
    Al-Shuhada District, Postal Code 13241, Riyadh.
    The second branch: Al-Thumama Specialist Road,
    Al-Narjis neighborhood
  • info@motaded.com.sa
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